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About Us

Our company is an industry and manufacturing units specialized in the line of flanges, elbow, gasket, tee, reducer, union, nipple, plug, bend, socket, coupling, nut Bolts & washer. We have a modern production house, office building, and equipment for cut material, casting, forming, heat treatment, machining, mechanical and chemical property tests, surface treatment. Our products have been used widely for oil, chemical, electrical various industries.

From our founding by an experienced forging insider in the summer of 1981Mahaprabhu Enterprise has grown to an industry leader you can trust.

Depending on the perfect managing system, strict inspection requirement, high-educated staff, good quality products are guaranteed. Because of super quality products and good reputation, our products are selling all over India and received good comments from the clients and users.

Here at Mahaprabhu Enterprise Flange we try to make the flange requisition and purchase experience as seamless as possible for our customers. From providing commodity stock pieces by the bulk load to creating custom flange pieces for unique applications, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of the scope of your inquiry, our sales and technical support staff is trained to provide you with whatever you need. Call us or email in your inquiry and we will get started right away. If we can’t offer your flanges from stock, standard and expedite lead time options are available as well.

Always remember that we are working hard with our production team to review your request and provide accurate pricing and lead time as necessary.